Spooky Things that come with Spring

bayouMarch has certainly come in like a Lion with the wind, cold and snow we expect to see Dec. thru Feb.  One can only hope this means it will go out like a Lamb with warmer days, more hours of sunlight and the beauty of all that comes back to us in nature.

I find March a particularity blessed month  not only is winter on its last legs but  every year we get to head south to what we call our second home, New Orleans. Some years we have only been able to stay for a few weeks and others  have allowed us a month or more to lap up the sunshine, warmth and hospitality of friends and extended family in south Louisiana.

I really can’t explain how wonderful it is there. While the city of New Orleans has its charms, my heart returns to the bayou with the wonderful people and all that nature bestows. Nothing beats getting out in a boat to take in the peaceful sanctuary of the slow moving water, flora and fauna.. My heart skips a beat in excitement every time we roll up to a gator while they laze on the warm bank or slowly wind their way along a bayou.  It never gets old and in my eyes nothing beats the bayou.  Strikingly beautiful by day and eerie and haunting by night.  We never forget our 13 pennies to place in a row at the bottom of the stairs at the home we stay in. Why 13 pennies? Folklore says placing 13 pennies at the entrance to your home will keep the Rougarou at bay. The creature apparently cannot count past 10 and 13 will confused it enough that it will have to start over again thus keeping all those inside safe from harm.  Do I believe in the Rougarou? Lets just say I have yet to disbelieve. There are some pretty unexplainable noises out there in the night.  😉

This Springtime adventure breathes new life into my tired soul and offers a kick start to my psyche. I have had some of my most intense psychic experiences in this part of the world. People who come into New Orleans say they can hear the voices of those long past on along every street and in every old building. Our part of town is quite active and  the street we stay on was once home to Marie Laveau (a cousin in the family of my hubby and a mere 10 doors down). We are also neighbours to the original cemetery that is  buried under homes built in the mid 1800’s.  Recent renovations and construction to one of these old buildings founded some burials while installing an inground pool behind. They of course were removed and re interred elsewhere. A friend who lived in a home built over the old cemetery had some of the most intense energy levels I have felt anywhere. This trip I look forward to reconnecting with old spirits once again and some new ones as well.

New on the agenda, hubby and I have been invited to Mamou, the Cajun Music Capital of the World. Smack dab in the middle of the prairies (yes there are indeed prairies in Louisiana) We have been invited to take in some true prairie style Cajun culture with food and music. Another perk, we have been offered time at the historic Hotel Cazan to run a paranormal investigation. Nothing like having the opportunity to let loose in a building I know nothing about. I look forward to the investigation and can’t wait to have some fun.

All in all it looks like Spring will be full of Spooky things 🙂

Diamond Days!

Many thanks to all who voted for me in the Hamilton Spectator Reader’s Choice Awards – I received the DIAMOND AWARD this year!

GTA Fall Psychic Fair 2015We had a wonderful weekend at the First Star GTA Fall Psychic Fair this past weekend – Stan & Ray gathered a massive selection of talents & skills from all over the Province! These events may be quite overwhelming for first time attendees, but everyone was friendly and welcoming the atmosphere was great…we reconnected with many friends and made a few new ones!

Our next event is almost here; in the charming town of Dunnville, ON…right on the Grand River! Please join us for a Tea Leaf Reading and to enjoy this scenic town! Look for our very popular banner!

Mary’s Mystic Room Health & Wellness Event – Sat. Nov. 14 10am – 4pm (Optimist Club, 101 Main St. E. at Cedar St., Dunnville, Ontario – MAP)

Upcoming Psychic Fairs and Voting

fallbountyWho doesn’t  love the laziness that summer brings  as it warms up our lives? This summer was lovely and quite enjoyable. My family and I spent as much time as possible out of doors and soaking up those warm, revitalizing rays.  While summer is glorious I have to say my favourite time of year is fall. I am always glad when the weather becomes more temperate and all the good things that the summer sun grows can now be on our tables. Along with all the tasty treats, fall sunshine, harvest goodies there is also Halloween and the return to fairs and festivals.

This season I am offering readings at a number of events. I will be posting them as they are confirmed. For more details on event, time and location please click on the event name below. I look forward to seeing you all soon 🙂

Creepy Caledonia

First Star Fall Psychic Fair
(click the link at the top of the page for $5 off admission – good all weekend!)

Mary’s Mystic Room Health & Wellness Event (101 Main st.
Dunnville, Ontario – MAP)

Fall also brings The Hamilton Spectator’s Readers Choice Awards. Last year (2014) I was blessed with the Gold Award as Favourite Psychic. I am once again in the running this year and would love if all my lovely clients and friends would be so kind as to cast a VOTE my way. I thank you in advance and do hope that my abilities and love to you all will keep in me in the top 3 once again. Love you all and Thank You!